Balance Magazine

Our work with Balance Magazine

Balance Magazine-Hand Distribution


Balance magazine is a free monthly magazine, which launched in 2016. Balance magazine is the must-read freemium title for Londoners looking to improve their wellbeing. Unlike any other magazine available today, it speaks to a readership looking for brands, products, and services that connect with their values and reflects a mindful approach to living. Editorial content is psychologically-driven and full of inspiring stories, practical advice and positive news, encouraging readers to make happier and healthier lifestyle choices in the capital. Balance wanted to ensure that the launch of their magazine was as successful as possible, and reached the target market in London.


JYL Hand to Hand worked with Balance to launch the title in the market, and provided distributors to hand out copies of Balance Magazine for the launch. Teams were positioned outside busy stations throughout London to maximise distribution and engage with the Balance audience.  


The launch of Balance magazine was hugely successful, with a strong initial distribution and we look forward to working with Balance to continue increasing circulation and developing their brand.