Evening Standard

Our work with the Evening Standard


Following a decline in sales towards the end of 2008, the Evening Standard was keen to refresh their image of being ‘London’s quality newspaper.’ JYL Hand to Hand were tasked with assisting in providing both a more structured approach to selling the newspaper and a new group of staff to revive the brand.


In December 2008, the Evening Standard, with guidance from JYL Hand to Hand re-launched their newspaper with new branding and sellers in Kings Cross, London. From this period to March 2009, JYL Hand to Hand successfully rolled out this new structure across the whole of London. Having already built up a strong professional relationship, the Evening Standard looked to JYL Hand to Hand to provide their expertise in moving the newspaper into the free distribution market in 2009. JYL Hand to Hand continue to manage the daily distribution of London’s most read newspaper, providing 240 staff to distribute the publication across 150 stations on a daily basis. The success of the campaign is evidenced by an average distribution rate of over four million copies a month.


'Staff at JYL Hand to Hand have always shown a degree of commitment to the Evening Standard that goes beyond what is the norm in these type of business relationships. Over the years that I have worked with them on the distribution of the newspaper they have always shown a high degree of professionalism and integrity. The management team have always been extremely hard working and a pleasure to deal with. Equally, and probably as importantly, the Team Leader structure that they have in place to oversee the nightly distribution of over 225,000 copies seems committed to our cause and show a great understanding of what is expected from them and their teams.'

Timothy Freeman, Head of Distribution-Evening Standard