Prison Delivery Service

The service we provide is in line with the individual prison's guidance but allows family and friends to take out and pay for subscriptions for newspapers and magazines. If you are looking to take out a magazine or newspaper subscription for someone in prison read more about the service JYL provides below


What can be delivered? 

Daily or weekly national newspapers, regional daily or weekly newspapers, weekly magazines, monthly magazines.


Are there any titles that JYL can't deliver? 

The magazines and newspapers we deliver all have to fit within the individual prison's criteria. For most prisons we deliver to, we will be able to confirm whether the title you request falls outside their remit.


How can I place a subscription? 

The simplest thing to do is to call our Prison subscription team on 0207 536 8636 and select Option 3. They can take you through the process. You will need the prisoner's Surname, ID Number and prison name.


How much will it cost to get a magazine subscription delivered? 

The cost is the cover price of the publication plus a £8.50 administration charge per order.


Can I order an individual publication? 

Yes, you can certainly do that; the cost for an individual publication will be the cover price plus a £8.50 admin charge.


What is the longest period I can take out a subscription for? 

The maximum order period is 8 weeks. After 8 weeks you can renew the subscription.


Will the prison know what magazine has been delivered?

Yes. JYL issue a daily delivery note to the prison detailing what is being delivered and to who.


How do I pay for my subscription?

You can pay for your subscription by credit or debit card when you place the order. 


Can a prisoner place their own subscription?

Many prisons operate a subscription service where prisoners are able to order and pay for their own newspapers or magazine subscriptions. If you'd like to know more about this option you will need to speak to the prison directly.


What prisons are served by JYL?

JYL currently services the following prisons:

  • HMP Downview
  • HMP Elmley
  • HMP Maidstone
  • HMP Highdown
  • HMP Preston
  • HMP Rochester
  • HMP Stanford Hill
  • HMP Swaleside
  • HMP Thameside
  • HMP Wandsworth
  • HMP Moorlands
  • HMP Hollesley Bay
  • HMP Warren Hill
  • HMP Lewes
  • HMP Berwyn


If you are a prison looking for a subscription management service, read more about the service JYL provides below:


How will you invoice us?

We will issue a detailed monthly invoice for all the publications delivered. Payment terms are usually 14 days from receipt of invoice.


What checks do you have in place for confirming the delivery of publications ordered?

We will issue a daily delivery note that details what has been delivered and include the relevant prisoner details so it will be easy to recharge each individual for the publications actually delivered.


What are the charges associated with each subscription?

Each subscription order will cost the cover price plus the individual prisons service charges.


Can we order an individual publication if a prisoner requests it?

Yes, you can order a single publication through the service. It will be subject to the individual prisons service charge.


What if a prisoner requests a regional paper or magazine, can you deliver these too?

We are sometimes able to deliver regional newspapers or magazines. We suggest talking to your account executive to see if the local paper or magazine you would like is available.


Do you deliver 7 days a week?

Our service usually operates 7 days a week but this can be dependent on your requirements and location. 


If you'd like to know more about the JYL prison subscription contact us.

To find out more about JYL's corporate newspaper and magazine delivery service click here.


22 May 2019