Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing & logistics - Storing, packing, labelling, distributing, delivery.

Here at JYL, we run the UK's largest corporate subscription service. This means we have precisely what it takes to distribute magazines and newspapers around the country, whether it's a one-off order or a regular subscription.

We supply hundreds of magazines and newspapers each day to customers ranging from multinational companies to Buckingham Palace.

We offer a complete logistics service around the clock, including packing, warehousing, storage, transport and security, to make sure the product reaches our clients exactly when they want it and in the condition they want it. Our experienced team is responsible for scheduling our drivers and our fleet of leased vehicles across the UK, organising and managing our vehicle maintenance and tracking the documentation for all goods.

Our fast and efficient night packers pack the latest magazines and newspapers at our warehouse, before loading them onto our vehicles and transporting them to your door. 

While they're on sale, we store titles for distribution in our warehouse, then recycle any unused magazines afterwards; we recycle all papers, plastics, cardboard, magazines and newspapers.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with warehousing and delivery to keep your finger on the pulse. Call 0208 742 4332 or email sales@jyl-uk.com.