Subscription Management

JYL Hand to hand started life as a purely news-focused delivery service, and we still have an unrivalled selection of services in that sector.

Through our Subscription management offer, your business can benefit from a simple process with a single point of contact and invoicing, rather than a host of individual interactions with different publishers.

We give you the option of consolidating all your subscriptions – print, digital, or both – under our package, ensuring that you have access to all of your favourite publications whenever you need them on paper or online.

In addition, the buying power of our parent company, Menzies Distribution, allows us to offer you excellent rates for each of the products you select. 

The service isn’t confined to domestic publications, either: as the holders of a license for the Newspaper Direct service, we can offer access to more than 800 same-day editions of the world’s most influential newspapers. Digitally printed at our headquarters and identical to the standard edition, you can read these titles at the same time as your counterparts in their countries of publication – banishing the delays associated with international shipping forever.

If you’d like to take advantage of our subscription expertise, get in touch today.